Protein Chia Pudding

Each serving of this protein chia pudding contains only three grams of sugar and approximately twenty grams of protein. This healthy breakfast or snack is a great addition to your weekly meal prep because it's easy to make and goes great with any meal.

This protein chia pudding dish came about when I was searching for a simple way to boost the protein content of my diet. I was eating chia seed pudding when I decided to add some vanilla protein powder.  

Aside from being incredibly simple to make and ideal for meal prepping, this particular chia pudding recipe also contains approximately 20 grams of protein, which can help you feel full for a longer period of time.  

vanilla protein powder—for this recipe, I opted for Nuzest vanilla protein powder. A vegan protein powder with delicious, easy-to-digest ingredients! Get 15% off your purchase with the code eatingbirdfood!  

unsweetened almond milk is my go-to, but if you prefer a creamier texture, try oat, cashew, or coconut milk instead! If you want dairy milk, that's also an option.  

This peanut butter chia pudding is a fantastic breakfast, snack, or healthy treat. Packed with peanut butter taste and nutritious nutrients!

black or white chia seeds, any kind will work in this dish. If the chia seeds aren't fresh, the pudding won't work out since they won't absorb the liquid as much. Both Bob's Red Mill and Navitas are chia seed brands that I really like.  

Maple syrup is my go-to for this dish, but if you're watching your sugar intake, use agave, honey, or a sugar substitute like stevia or monk fruit.  

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