Preview of the 2024 NFL Season: Denver Broncos  

 Broncos quarterback is their largest need, but that's a peculiar issue we'll discuss later.   

 The team has lots of room for improvement, but Denver is in an unusual position because there are few obvious weaknesses.  

 An ordinary Broncos team. They're ordinary, not bad or good.  

 Unfortunately, going from average to bad is easier than going from average to terrific or amazing.   

 Rebuilding the line of scrimmage is the best approach to improve an ordinary squad outside stronger quarterback play.  

 The Broncos attacked the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball in free agency last year....

 ...but they need to improve defensively in 2024. Even without giving the Dolphins 350 yards rushing, Denver was fragile against the run.  

 The Broncos allowed over 100 yards rushing in 10 of 17 games and over 170 in six.  

 Starting nose tackle D.J. Jones is likely to be cut, and Purcell and Harris have expiring contracts.  

 Denver might overhaul the base defense and add two starters to DL Zach Allen.   

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