Post-Combined Mock Draft 1.0  

With the NFL Combine behind us, now is a great opportunity to announce a new mock draft.   

This is my first mock draft of the season, and I plan to release more as the draft approaches.   

There were no trades made during this exercise, but that may change as draft weekend approaches.  

This is a predictive mock, which means I'm assuming what NFL teams will do rather than selecting based on my own preferences.  

We don't know much about what most teams are thinking this early on, but we can piece together some information for the majority of them.  

A lot may happen between now and April 25, but this is how I see things unfolding as they stand today. Let's get into my post-Combine mock draft 1.0!  

Do not overthink it, Chicago. Williams is an up-and-coming franchise star.   

He's the finest quarterback prospect in 2017 draft and ranks alongside previous all-time greats such as LSU's Joe Burrow and Clemson's Trevor Lawrence.  

Williams has everything you want in a star quarterback. He possesses exceptional arm skill and can make off-platform throws that rival that of today's NFL stars. He excels at scrambling and can win from within the pocket or on the run.  

There's a lot of speculation about Chicago's plans with the No. 1 pick: will they trade it for the second straight year  

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