Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Find the interview error in 7 seconds!  

Picture puzzles challenge readers' critical thinking and problem-solving. These obstacles may promote intelligence and concentration.  

Most photo puzzles involve discovering a mistake, cracking a code, or finding a concealed object.  

Regularly tackling such problems improves problem-solving and mental fitness. Are your eyes the most attentive?  

Take this challenge! In the interview scene above, two men and two women are present. One female candidate will be interviewed, while the other three are waiting.  

This picture has one mistake; viewers have 7 seconds to find it. This detail-oriented brain teaser puzzle tests you.  

Your time begins! Examine the image attentively. Has anyone noticed the error?  

Speed up—time is running out. Examine the image carefully—you may be close to finding the error. And.. Time up.  

Congratulations to readers who found the error. Can't? Scroll down for the solution.  

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