Optical Illusion : You have hunter's eye, if you can spot a rose in the picture in 8 seconds!

Optical illusion visuals are one of the easiest brain attention tests. Optical illusion photographs have also been utilized by neuroscientists to research reality perception.  

Practicing optical illusion puzzles may improve problem-solving and lateral thinking.   Are your eyes hunterlike? Find out today!  

The picture is Paris-themed. The photo shows macaroons, cheese, croissants, etc. The Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe miniatures are also noteworthy. Amazingly, a rose is lurking in this picture.  

Readers have 8 seconds to find the hidden rose. Practice observation with this assignment. Your time begins! View the image attentively.  

The rose is hidden in this photo.  Have you noticed? Only the most attentive readers will identify the rose quickly.  

Examine the entire image. How many found the rose? Time is ticking, hurry. And… Time up.  

Stop looking! Readers who saw the rose had sharp eyes.  

Check the solution here if you can't see it.  

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