Oozy Brown Butter Cookies  

Ooey Gooey Browned Butter Cookies are soft, chewy cookies cooked with browned butter for a nutty flavor, then covered with confectioners' sugar before baking. 

It's a fantastic cookie based on my Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies, which you should try as well! 

Butter: It's all about butter in butter cookies (no kidding!), and browned butter is especially important in these cookies! 

Browning the butter increases its flavor, giving the cookies a rich, nutty, and caramelized note. Unsalted butter is excellent for browning. 

Sugar: These cookies require both granulated and confectioners' sugar. The granulated sugar will be stirred into the browned butter. 

Half of the confectioners' sugar will be added to the dough, while the remaining half will be used to roll it. 

Baking Powder: Make sure your baking powder is not outdated. You'll need a tablespoon to give the cookies a soft, fluffy texture.  

Cream Cheese: Softened or room-temperature cream cheese gives the cookies a tangy flavor. It also helps to bind the materials together, resulting in a superior structure. 

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