Olivia Dunne's Christmas see-through costume has wowed fans.  

The LSU standout dressed to impress for the holidays Olivia Dunne has been busy over the holidays, but that hasn't prevented the LSU gymnast from dressing up for her fans' enjoyment.

Her most recent holiday post was a tremendous hit with her millions of social media fans. Dunne wore leather pants and a see-through shirt for the occasion.  

It's not the first time Dunne has posted something that has gotten her fans talking since she moved to New York.  

Dunne just uploaded a selfie of herself in the bathtub last week. She posed with her dog while bathing and cleaning his lustrous winter coat while wearing a black dress.   

The rest of the image was minimal, save for a trio of products in the upper left corner, such as shampoo.  

She then went to a New Jersey Devils-Detroit Red Wings game and appeared on the jumbotron to cheer on the home team.  

While Dunne's social media profile grows, she's also building a name for herself thanks to her NIL partnerships.  

NIL stands for name, image, and likeness and is a method of determining the worth of a collegiate athlete who is aiming to sell and profit from their brand within the NCAA.  

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