Now in the cancel culture age, two plays about supposedly awful men  

‘Doubt’ with Liev Schreiber and Amy Ryan and ‘The Hunt’ with Tobias Menzies both focus on allegations of child abuse without guilt.  

New York— The opening lines of “Doubt” contrast collective and individual experience.  

Father Flynn remarks, “It was awful,” of President John F. Kennedy's assassination the year before the performance.  

“We were in it together!” How much worse, he asks the assembly, is being “stricken by a private calamity?”  

It may be a good time to argue for live theater, a rare chance to breathe the same air and see the same tale in a screen-to-nose world.   

The speech finishes by praising doubt, which is vulnerable in our day of polarization, conspiracy, and virtual and real mobs.  

However, the first Broadway production of “Doubt,” starring Liev Schreiber and Amy Ryan, premiered at the Todd Haimes Theatre on Thursday with little hesitation.   

Ryan's acerbic Sister Aloysius has a strong suspicion that Schreiber's cryptic Father Flynn has made moves on the lone Black pupil in a Bronx Catholic school, but the solution seems too obvious.  

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