No shot is too long for Nebraska's "Japanese Steph Curry."  

Luca Virgilio always watches the opponent's bench in Nebraska men's basketball games' first minutes. 

Virgilio, the school's director of basketball strategies, started the exercise months ago by watching opposing players'   

reactions to 6-foot-2 senior guard Keisei Tominaga, who has given Nebraska hope of qualifying for the NCAA tournament for the first time in a decade.  

Nebraska (20-9, 10-8 Big Ten) started the season stronger than in over 30 years. Tominaga, 22  

known as “the Japanese Steph Curry,” has made his imprint while pursuing a long-shot NBA goal.  

Some of his shots are amazing. It's rare on a basketball court—unless you're in the NBA, Virgilio remarked.   

"When you see him do it in person to your squad as an opponent, you're astonished.   

I always look to our opponents' bench after he makes the first couple of shots and see their eyes: "Oh, man." Tonight is ruined.  

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