No. 25 on the List of All-Time Greatest Golfers 

The 25 greatest golfers of all time? That list seems easy to make, but it's not.   

How can you compare athletes who played the same sport 150 years apart given the equipment and course conditions that naturally developed?  

So we're setting some common sense guidelines. We start with male golfers.   

Adding gender and the growth of the PGA and LPGA tours makes it nearly difficult to compare players throughout time.   

A top 25 list for women's golfers is due to their outstanding history.  

Let's also note that contemporary competitive golf began with the 1860 British Open, whereas true tour golf in the US began in the 1920s.   

Only two golfers played professionally before 1910. Early Open Championship winners Old Tom Morris, Young Tom Morris, Willie Park Sr., John Henry Taylor, and James Braid are not listed here.   

Some of the list's components are predictable. You can get 99.9% of golf experts to agree on two top choices,  

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