NBA Rookie Reveals Advice from Ja Morant and Other Star

In an interview with Jordan Richard of Swish Cultures, Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Emoni Bates revealed which NBA players have given him advise.

Bates highlighted Donovan Mitchell, Ja Morant, Dejounte Murray, Miles Bridges, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant as players he knows and has sought assistance from.

Bates stated that the advise he has received from these guys is to "stay in the gym and keep working." It means a lot to me to be able to talk to and ask for aid from guys like that.

"Bates has been a Summer League standout, reaching the All-Summer League second team after a strong showing last week.

The Cavaliers were thrilled to choose Bates 49th overall in the 2023 draft. Bates is a fascinating possibility for the Cavaliers to develop because he has a lot of upside, particularly on offense.

With mentors such as Morant, Durant, Mitchell, and other NBA stars, Bates has an impressive set of players advising him. 

 This group of NBA stars is constantly seeking to influence the next generation, so it was interesting to hear Bates explain which NBA players had already connected with him on that level.

Bates and his Cavaliers will play in the Summer League championship game on Monday, hoping to remain undefeated against the similarly unbeaten Houston Rockets.

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