NASA's multibillion-dollar satellite servicing demonstration mission has been canceled.  

NASA cancelled an over-budget, behind-schedule mission to demonstrate robotic satellite servicing technologies in orbit,... 

 ...costing $1.5 billion and likely roughly $1 billion more to get to the launch pad.  

OSAM-1 would have grasped an aged Landsat satellite and tried to refuel it while demonstrating how a robotic arm might build an antenna in space.   

NASA canceled the OSAM-1 mission Friday "following an in-depth, independent project review.  

The spacecraft is half completed.  

Since NASA launched the mission in 2016, the cost has risen.   

The mission's original goal was refueling, but in 2020, officials added in-orbit assembly.  

This required integrating the Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER), a 16-foot (5-meter) robotic arm, to combine seven structural parts into a Ka-band communications antenna.  

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