Nail Art ideas to flaunt this season

Certainly! Here are five nail art ideas for December that are festive and winter-inspired

Classic Holiday Red

As a basis, apply a basic red lacquer to your nails.For a festive touch, add some glitter or metallic accents.

Consider using white or gold nail polish to create basic nail art designs such as candy canes, holly leaves, or snowflakes.

To create a snowy backdrop, start with a light blue or icy white polish.Using silver or white nail polish, create snowflake designs.

Winter Wonderland

Consider using iridescent glitter to add a magical touch.

As the base, select a metallic gold, silver, or rose gold polish.Using contrasting metallic colours, create geometric designs or plain stripes.

Festive Metallics

For added glitz, use diamonds or rhinestones.

Choose two or three complementary colours, for example, red, green, and gold.Blend the colours on each nail to create a gradient or ombré effect.

Holiday Ombré

For a festive look, add accent nails with glitter or metallic lacquer.

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