Myth or reality: Will Caitlin Clark take a pay cut going to the WNBA?

Even before Caitlin Clark drained her first ridiculously deep 3-pointer of the season, the scorching-hot takes began.  

During the first day of college basketball in November of last year, TNT's studio analysts conjectured that Clark might make more money playing a fifth season at Iowa than she would if she were to start her professional career as the top pick in the WNBA draft this spring.  

"When she joins the WNBA, she will have to accept a pay decrease," asserted 14-year NBA veteran Brendan Haywood with assurance.  

Renee Montgomery, a former WNBA all-star and current Atlanta Dream co-owner, gave Haywood legitimacy when she said, "It's an unfortunate fact," laughing.  

This way of thinking has persisted the entire season despite Clark pulling in record-breaking TV ratings, selling out Big Ten arenas, and starring in ads.   

Earlier this week, WNBA legend Candace Parker asked, "Why not milk that another year?  

" and questioned whether Clark could "make the same amount or more if she stays at Iowa."  

On Thursday afternoon, three days before Iowa’s final regular-season home game this season, Clark made a decision that suggests she doesn’t think that turning pro will diminish her earning power. 

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