"Moonlight" Nails Are Equal Parts Ethereal and Trendy

Nail and fine-art worlds blur daily. From Turrell-inspired manicures to Renaissance-worthy nail art, hands are canvases for striking works. 

"Moonlight" manicures merge magnetic cat-eye and jelly nails, creating a shimmering effect akin to moonlight on water. 

CEO Mazz Hanna explains the trend and offers nail-art inspiration. 

Moonlight nails resemble cat-eye nails but are more transparent, attracting attention with their shimmer and color shift. 

To achieve moonlight nails at home, apply magnetic polish, then sweep a magnet to create patterns before curing and adding a thin layer of jelly polish. 

Gelcare's Oyster Velvet is recommended as a base under warm-toned jelly polish for transparency. 

Moonlight manicures serve as a base for nail art and 3D charms. 

Explore moonlight nail designs for your mood board. 

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