Mel Kiper and Field Yates unveil Mini-Mock Draft 2.0 in 2024, just in time for the NFL Combine  

 Before the scouting combine, ESPN's Mel Kiper and Field Yates created a 2024 NFL Draft mini-mock. 

 The Mock Draft 2.0 isn't over, but the first 12 picks revealed expert alterations.   

 Yates picked odd numbers and Kiper even numbers for this experiment.  

 This is the consensus from several mock drafts, and nothing changes.   

 Williams, the best quarterback in the draft, might help the Bears start over.  

 Williams replaces Justin Fields, a previous first-round pick. This is hard to imagine not happening now.  

 Kiper remains committed to Daniels as the QB2 pick. Washington Commanders will be represented by the Heisman Trophy winner.   

 If renamed again to the Washington (enter nickname), that is.  

 Daniels is a dual threat who improved throughout college. Daniels in Kingsbury's offense? That sounds enjoyable now.  

 Maye is next out at quarterback. After years as QB2, Daniels' breakout year elevated him over the Tar Heels signal caller.  

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