Luke Grimes is prepared to reestablish himself with "Yellowstone" and his first country album.

Luke Grimes' self-titled debut album is set to release, marking a significant step in his music career. 

The album, produced by Dave Cobb, delves into Grimes' personal experiences, including love, loss, and rural living. 

Grimes aims for honesty and connection with his music, contrasting his acting role on "Yellowstone," where he portrays a character far from himself. 

Despite being new to the music scene, Grimes has deep roots in music, having played drums in church and in bands before. 

The song "Oh, Ohio" stands out as a departure from traditional hometown tributes, offering a more critical perspective. 

Grimes collaborates with songwriter Aaron Raitiere, who praises Grimes' musical talent and versatility. 

The track "Ain't Dead Yet" showcases Grimes' creative range, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources like Nirvana. 

Grimes hopes his music resonates with listeners, providing a sense of connection and understanding. 

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