Love Lies Bleeding Features Kristen Stewart's Most Sexy and Brutal Performance to Date—Find Out Why the Actress Loved It!

After her successful debut “Saint Maud,” British filmmaker Rose Glass follows up with ’80s pulp fiction “Love Lies Bleeding,” which Kristen Stewart knows she doesn't look her best in.

Stewart (“Spencer”) provides her best performance as Lou, who we meet with a gloved hand down a toilet.

A gym owner with a stringy mullet, she's a depressed lesbian looking for more. 

She comes alive when she loves bodybuilder Jackie (Katy O'Brian).

 Lou's past returns, escalating violence. Giving Jackie steroids to win a Las Vegas event may have been a bad idea.

Stewart noticed Lou from the script. “It’s like an adult comic book,” she stated on Zoom. 

I can picture the characters as line drawings.

Rose subconsciously gave this character a lot of identity.

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