Livvy Dunne describes the injuries she has experienced throughout her career. 

Gymnasts like LSU star Livvy Dunne face significant physical strain despite the glamorous facade of their sport. 

Despite the elegance of gymnastics, athletes like Dunne endure considerable physical demands, often resulting in injuries. 

Dunne highlighted the toll of gymnastics on her body, including shoulder issues, torn labrums, shin splints, and more. 

Gymnastics, though lacking in direct collisions, exposes athletes to serious injuries due to the constant tumbling and high-velocity movements. 

Dunne's reflections on her injuries underscore the physical challenges inherent in gymnastics, from broken ankles to stress fractures. 

Injuries are a common occurrence in gymnastics due to the full-body engagement and repetitive high-impact movements. 

Dunne's experiences shed light on the harsh realities of the sport, where athletes regularly endure pain and injuries. 

Despite the myriad injuries she's faced, Dunne maintains that the sacrifices are justified in the pursuit of gymnastic excellence. 

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