Lainey Wilson: The Reason She Holds Her Family Close

Lainey Wilson credits her family for her success, emphasizing the importance of staying connected with her loved ones. 

She values her role as a sister, friend, daughter, and girlfriend, which grounds her identity as an artist. 

Wilson's determination runs deep, inherited from five generations of farmers, shaping her resilient mindset. 

Close friend Jelly Roll is like family to her, and they share a strong bond. 

Despite spending a lot of time together, Wilson admits she doesn't notice Jelly Roll's face tattoos, focusing instead on his character. 

She jokes that Jelly Roll could persuade her to get a tattoo, showcasing their close relationship. 

Wilson's connection with her family and friends fuels her perseverance in the music industry. 

Her admiration for Jelly Roll goes beyond physical appearance, highlighting their deep understanding of each other's souls. 

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