Klay Thompson made NBA history during the Warriors-Celtics game.

On Sunday afternoon, the Golden State Warriors will meet Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics in Massachusetts.   

Five-time Klay Thompson, an NBA All-Star, came off the bench for the ninth straight game and entered halftime with six points, two rebounds  

and one assist, shooting 2/4 from the field and 1/3 from three-point range in 12 minutes of play.  

During the game, Thompson became the seventh player in NBA history to reach 2,400 career three-pointers.  

The next man he will pass on the all-time three-pointers list is Kyle Korver (2,450).   

Thompson has averaged 17.1 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.2 assists in 56 games, shooting 42.0% from the field and 37.8% from three.   

The Warriors are the Western Conference's ninth seed, with a 32-27 record in 59 games.   

They are currently on a three-game winning streak and have an 8-2 record over the last ten games.   

Most recently, the Warriors defeated the Toronto Raptors 120-105, with Thompson contributing 14 points  

seven rebounds, one assist, and two steals while shooting 5/13 from the field and 4/9 from three.   

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