Kevin Costner Talks About How Far He Will Go To Hang Out With His Teenage Son  

Kevin Costner cast his son, Hayes, in his movie "Horizon: An American Saga," expressing pride in his acting debut as a way to spend quality time together. 

Costner shared his joy about working with his son on social media, highlighting the special bond they share. 

Fans applauded the father-son collaboration, noting the heartwarming aspect of Costner's desire to involve his son in his professional world. 

Costner, a proud father of seven, values the time spent with his children, even though it requires effort and sacrifice. 

The actor has a history of working with his children in his projects, showcasing their talents on screen. 

Costner's divorce from Christine Baumgartner was finalized recently after 18 years of marriage, amidst custody and child support disputes. 

Baumgartner's request for substantial child support was denied by a judge, settling for a lesser amount, while Costner continues to support his children's endeavors. 

Costner's decision to involve his son in his film demonstrates his commitment to nurturing family bonds and creating memorable experiences together. 

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