Just Hours After Producer Attempts to Disprove Paula Abdul Accusations, Nigel Lythgoe Faces His Fourth Sexual Assault Lawsuit of 2018.  

Former judge and So You Think You Can Dance co-creator Nigel Lythgoe has been accused of sexual assault four times in three months. 

“Lythgoe’s sexual assault and battery were so traumatizing that Plaintiff no longer feels like the confident ....

....capable, and independent woman that she was before the incident,” Jane Doe filed in LA Superior Court today.  

This latest Jane Doe accusation occurred at Lythgoe's LA property, like Paula Abdul's 2015 attack described late last year and Jane Doe K.G. and K.N.'s early January sexual assault/battery,...  

 ....sexual harassment, and negligence civil complaint. In this meeting, it seemed toxic quickly:  

Johnson & Johnson's filing came hours after Lythgoe responded to Abdul's December 29 complaint, labeling his former SYTYCD colleague a “well-documented fabulist” without calling her crazy.  

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