Jayson Tatum's SoFi Partnership Was Inspired by His ‘Single-Parent Household’ Upbringing 

Jayson Tatum considers how his "single-parent household" upbringing shaped his financial security views. 

As the Boston Celtics star, 25, announces his relationship with SoFi, the NBA's official new banking partner, Tatum tells PEOPLE he's grateful to help other St. Louis families, single-parent or not. 

Tatum says he's "blessed to be in a position to help others from St. Louis, especially single-parent households like the one my mom raised me in" and that SoFi's financial education "ideas and values" match his. 

Tatum and the bank announced the $1 million SoFi Generational Wealth Fund this month to "promote financial literacy and create family-sustaining wealth," according to a press release. 

The Fund will support the NBA star's Jayson Tatum Foundation's S.M.A.R.T Project, which helps single parents with parenting, education, 

In the meantime, the NBA superstar and his son, Jayson "Deuce" Christopher Jr., who is six years old, have become fan favorites at the same time as Tatum's career with the Celtics continues to enjoy success. 

Tatum was a guest columnist for the NBA's Starting 5 newsletter, which was published just prior to the beginning of the current NBA season.  

In this newsletter, he discussed how he manages to maintain a healthy balance between his work as a professional player and his role as a parent to Deuce. 

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