Jamie Foxx returns to host Beat Shazam after missing the previous season due to a health concern.  

Jamie Foxx and daughter Corinne are expected to return for season 7 of Beat Shazam, having missing the previous season due to hospitalisation.  

Jamie Foxx is returning to host the musical game show Beat Shazam. The actor left last season after being hospitalised for an undisclosed medical problem.   

Season 6 of Beat Shazam was hosted by Nick Cannon in Jamie's absence.  

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox announced on Monday that Jamie and daughter Corinne will return as hosts for the forthcoming season of the game show.  

Corinne Foxx, Jamie Foxx's daughter, returns as the show's co-host DJ after being temporarily replaced by Kelly Osbourne last season.  

Season 7 of Beat Shazam premieres on May 28. Jamie is also an executive producer for the show. Beat Shazam season 7's themed episodes will reportedly feature teams comprising 'fathers, siblings, teachers, heroes, and mothers'.  

Allison Wallach, head of unscripted entertainment at Fox Entertainment, stated, "Jamie and Corinne are the heart and soul of Beat Shazam  

As our unquestionably dynamic father-daughter presenting combo, they offer a unique relationship to a unique show, and it's great to have them back on set this season."  

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