IQ TEST: Only the keenest can spot the dog in the cave in 6 seconds. 

Ancient people utilized optical illusions to test human vision and mind.

They constantly fascinate and confound us, reminding us of our intricate minds. The purpose is to reveal hidden things.   

Above is a rocky cave interior. A dog hid in the cave during a storm. Find the hidden puppy in time.   

Only eagle-eyed people found the puppy hidden within in time. Find out if you can.   

As stated in the title, this problem has a 6-second time constraint. Start by setting your clock timers. All the best.  

The answer to this illusion puzzle is below. Scroll down when time runs out.   

Do not scroll down until the riddle is solved. Cheating in a pleasant observation test is wrong.   

Did you spot the dog? Unfortunately, time has expired. The answer is in the next slide.  

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