Insider Question of the Day: Game Day Attendance Edition.

My guess is that if you're reading this piece, you're at least a casual Miami Dolphins fan, with the majority of us being die-hard supporters.  

I also presume that most of us try to watch every game live whenever possible. Some of us are fortunate enough to reside in the Dolphins' designated broadcast   

Then there are those of us who live in the state, such as Joe (Tona) and myself, but because of another NFL franchise, it's hit or miss whether or not we get the game.   

Others, including me, bite the bullet every season and pay for NFL Sunday Ticket.  

Watching games is fantastic, but how many of you go attend them? It doesn't have to be every season  

But do you ever go to games live, either in Miami or at a stadium much closer to your home? If you attend games, do you ever travel   

Tell us about your Miami Dolphins watching habits in the comments area below  

Games are nice, but how many of you attend to them? It doesn't have to be every season, but have you ever attended live games  

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