Indulge in Singapore's finest log cakes 

Boulangerie Alice

The Christmas Log Cake from Alice Boulangerie is really adorable. 


The ruby red Cranberry Yule Log (SGD 139 nett) shines brightly, gently stacked with cranberry-raspberry cream, vanilla mousse, vanilla ganache, and hazelnut biscuit.

Ginger.Lily works at the Hilton Singapore

Ginger's Executive Pastry Chef Cindy Khoo.Lily adds three alternative possibilities to her Yule Log sculptures.

Japanese Bakery Gokoku

Gokoku Japanese Bakery is recognized for its bakes, but it also amazes with delicious confectionaries.

Atrium of the Holiday Inn Singapore

The Black Forest Log Cake (SGD 98) at the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is delicious. 


Nesuto Co-founder and Executive Pastry Chef Alicia Wong honors the classics with the Chocolate Yule Log and offers a modern option with the Chestnut & Vanilla Yule Log (SGD 69 each) this holiday season.

Pâtisserie CLÉ

Pâtisserie CLÉ, which just moved to River Valley, will offer two delicious log cakes this Christmas: All Pistachio and Black Forest (half log, SGD 60+; full log, SGD 98+).

Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa

Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa offers treats including the Mont Blanc Magical Log Cake, Gianduja Enchanting Log Cake, and Mango Citrus Wonderland Log Cake 

The Grocer, Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills Grocer sells slices of Yule log cakes. Its limited Christmas menu includes the PB&J Chocolate Log Cake (SGD 16++).

Tigerlily Bakery

Tigerlily Patisserie, led by Chef-Founder Maxine Ngooi, is noted for its seasonal pastries that combine Asian and European flavors.

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