In Bahrain Formula One qualifying, Piastri said, "We'll see how many sandbags come off" the Red Bull.  

Piastri finished sixth in FP2, four tenths behind Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and marginally ahead of Red Bull's Verstappen  

who appeared to run with a dialed-down engine as Red Hull focused on race performance.  

The Australian thought the times were "much closer" than expected,   ...

but was curious how Red Bull kept pace back before unleashing it in qualifying and the race.  

Hamilton says the car's reliability and his physical fitness are positives despite the setbacks.  

"Red Bull don't look as quick as we thought, we'll see how many sandbags come off tomorrow," Piastri smiled to  

It's far closer than imagined. Mercedes and Fernando seemed fast. Fridays are hard to judge, but I think we're close."  

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