In 6 seconds, only visually talented people can discover the word corn among Born.  

Visual illusions are fascinating and test our perception and cognition. These intriguing illusions make us doubt our perceptions. Using colors, forms, and patterns, optical illusions violate our assumptions.  

Some illusions distort scale and perspective, while others produce movement. These illusions explain how our eyes and brain interact and how visual processing works.  

Optical illusions, such as "impossible objects" and changing illusions, show how complex and dynamic human vision is. Optical illusions entertain and reveal how our brains process visual information.  

This observation brain test requires you to discover "Corn" buried among "Born" letters in 6 seconds.   

This assignment needs fast visual processing and attention to detail. Focus on each letter and its arrangement in the time limit to find the secret word.  

Fresherslive »  In a 6-second observational brain test, only visually talented individuals can identify the word "Corn" among Born.  

"Corn" and "Born" look same, adding intricacy and testing visual talent. The solution is to find the letter arrangement that creates "Corn" within "Born."  

This test tests visual discrimination and fast observation. Try the challenge, use your visual skills, and find the concealed word in time!  

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