In 6 seconds, only persons with high eye power can find the Heart Among Snails in the optical illusion IQ test!  

Optical illusions, amazing feats of optical trickery, never cease to amaze and test our perceptions.

These mind-bending visuals or designs manipulate the way our brains process visual information, frequently leading us to perceive things that are not objectively present.

Optical illusions, which range from ambiguous figures that alternate between two meanings to geometric patterns that appear to defy logic, illustrate the complexities of human visual perception. 

The appeal of optical illusions stems from their ability to highlight the limitations and eccentricities of our visual system.

They use the brain's proclivity to create assumptions and seek patterns, perhaps leading us wrong in our perceptions.

Psychologists and artists use illusions to investigate perception systems, providing insights into how our brains generate reality.

This visual puzzle is designed to test the strength of your eyes and attention to detail. A hidden heart shape can be found within the intricate patterns of snails,

but only those with keen vision and strong observation abilities will be able to detect it immediately.

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