In 11 seconds, find 3 red fox distinctions!

Spotting the difference problems are one of the most popular web activities for improving attention. This challenge requires readers to distinguish two very identical photos.

Solving such problems fast requires meticulousness. Regularly completing such challenges can boost mental health and concentration in all ages. The photo above shows a red fox.

The two photographs have three differences, and readers have 11 seconds to find them. Your time begins!

Some distinctions are obvious, while others take close inspection. Readers must focus well to see the variations between the two photographs. 

Such exercises may increase focus and memory brain regions, according to research. 

Therefore, practicing these activities improves concentration and memory. Speed up—time is running out. Check again for more differences.

Congratulations to readers who noticed all the distinctions. Your eyes are the sharpest. Those that missed answers can practice such challenges to improve their observation skills. Readers can check their responses with the solution below.

If you liked this task, challenge your family and friends to solve it fastest. For additional fun challenges, see our recommended reading.

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