How Netflix's The Programme Documentaries Showcases the Troubled Teen Industry  

These are only a few of the numerous regulations that teenagers had to observe at Academy at Ivy Ridge, a disciplinary boarding school  

New York between 2001 and 2009. Marketed as a school for disturbed youths, many Ivy Ridge students suffered mental and physical abuse and were forced to participate in cult-like activities.  

Their stories are told in the new Netflix documentary series The Programme: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping, which premieres March 5.  

Katherine Kubler, an Ivy Ridge survivor, directs the three-part series, which follows her old classmates as they return to the now-defunct college to discuss their horrible experiences.  

"I made this series because there really was nothing out there to help explain what had happened to me to my friends and family  

Kubler said in a statement. "So now, that resource exists."  

The programme transports viewers directly to the halls of the institution in rural Ogdensburg, New York, as Kubler and her classmates walk through Ivy Ridge.   

They go to the room where they spent hours on ancient computers taking online video game-style quizzes—the entirety of their academic preparation.   

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