How harmful are bird hits to aircraft?

American Airlines plane hit bird on takeoff in Columbus, Ohio, necessitating immediate return. More than 2,300 wildlife strikes reported in 2023, mostly birds.

FAA attributes rise in strikes to factors like expanding wildlife populations and increased aircraft movements.

Over 300 people were killed worldwide due to wildlife strikes, with 92% occurring at 3,500 feet or lower.

Bird strikes pose significant aviation hazards, impacting various types of aircraft, per Flight Safety Foundation CEO.

The FAA received nearly 17,200 bird strike reports in 2023, with 695 causing damage and 36 substantial damage.

Despite thousands of strikes, only a small percentage result in damage. Cost projected at $328 million in 2021.

Bird strikes can occur on the ground or in the air, affecting various parts of the aircraft, including engines.

Professor Mendonca notes disruptive strikes happen when birds enter aircraft engines.

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