Hoda Kotb goes on her first date in two years after breaking up with Joel Schiffman.  

Hoda Kotb just went on her first date since splitting from her ex-fiancé, Joel Schiffman, in 2022. 

The 59-year-old anchor of "Today With Hoda and Jenna" delivers the news in a preview for Tuesday's episode of the "Kelly Clarkson Show."  

"I do have to say something," she teases in the video. "An event occurred recently that had not occurred in the previous two years... I had a date. "I had a date."  

The audience erupted in shouts and cheers as Clarkson, 41, praised her for the "huge" accomplishment.  

However, Kotb refused to get caught up in the future possibilities, telling the singer, "But you know what it was?" It was only a date. "It was just a date."

The journalist then turns the tables on Clarkson, who went through a painful divorce from Brandon Blackstock, and asks if she's at the point in her life where she can "think about going on a date."  

"Not even a tiny bit. I'm truly enjoying not having a boyfriend in my life; it's simply too hard."

Kotb kept the date's details private, but she mistakenly announced it on a Feb. 15 broadcast of "Today With Hoda and Jenna."  

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