Growing Up with Taylor: Unapologetic Femininity and Authentic Self

Swift revisits the early phases of her career in her 2020 documentary "Miss Americana".   

"Throughout my whole career," Swift added, "label execs would just say, 'A good girl doesn't force her beliefs on people  

Swift, like many other girls and women, felt obliged to conform to society's idealised vision of femininity.   

Swift rose to international prominence with her long, wavy blonde hair, red lips, glittery day dresses, and delicate, girlish demeanour.  

"I became the person that everyone wanted me to be," she stated.  

The narrative is as old as time. A big-shot film or music mogul discovers a bright young female and swoops in to claim the artist's rights and income.   

As the star finds herself imprisoned by ownership and royalty clauses cleverly buried in the depths of fine print contracts, the strains of the industry and her extremely prominent position set in.   

Her career and celebrity reach a spectacular peak before the unavoidable crash and burn. Consider the lives and careers of film icons Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.  

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