Great Miami Heat Tim Hardaway Calls Allen Iverson's Crossover Dribble the Best  

 Tim Hardaway of the Miami Heat has some opinions on the crossover king.  

  When asked who has the finest crossover, the five-time All-Star and Hall of Fame point guard,..

 ...who built a career crossing defenders with his “UTEP two-step” dribble, believes there's “no question” he has it.  

 "I'm the original crossover king," Hardaway claimed in an All-Star weekend interview. “Don't insult me.”  

 Allen Iverson, a Philadelphia 76ers great and Hall of Fame player, entered the NBA years after Hardaway but was lauded for his crossover skills.  

 Hardaway, who has long said he's a better crossover artist than Iverson, revealed why his crossover dribble is better. 

 They think I'm hating on Allen Iverson," says Hardaway.   

 “I'm not anti-him. Ask what crossover individuals are employing in today's game.   

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