Formula One still has a shot at 2024 thanks to these three reasons why Red Bull can be caught.  

Many viewers who want a competitive F1 frontline will be concerned about Max Verstappen's Bahrain victory.  

However, 2024 may be different from last year, when Verstappen won 19 of 22 rounds.  

Ferrari should be the happiest of the chasers, and I think they're closer than last year.   

I don't think Red Bull has a large advantage to finish the season.  

Ferrari performs better than in Bahrain. First, Charles Leclerc set the fastest lap in qualifying,  ..

although in Q2 rather than Q3. He did not get the best out of the car like Red Bull, but we need to wait a few races to see if Ferrari still struggles in races like qualifying.  

The race gap to Red Bull may have been due to various factors.   

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