For the Wildcats to reach the Final Four, who is the game-changer?  

The 2023-24 Kentucky basketball season is approaching March Madness.   

March Madness discussions include which Kentucky Wildcat will help John Calipari's squad to the Final Four.  

The latest Wildcats Today Podcast covered this. Host Andrew Stefaniak thinks Zvonimir Ivisic will get them to Phoenix for the Final Four,   

while Carson Nash thinks Justin Edwards and Adou Thiero will.   

Stefaniak and Nash then discussed the SEC rankings and how the Kentucky Wildcats may secure a top-four slot in the tournament.   

Finally, they discussed the Kentucky Wildcats-Arkansas Razorbacks game. Both think Kentucky will win their final Saturday game at Rupp Arena.   

Kentucky's game versus Arkansas will air on CBS on Saturday, March 2nd, at 1:30 pm est.  

The Wildcats will beat the Razorbacks 91-68 in Rupp Arena to extend their winning streak to three games.   

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