Five games that Liverpool must win in 2023–24 in order to win the Premier League  

Liverpool are narrowly ahead of Manchester City and Arsenal in the Premier League's final three months, but which games will determine their title chances?  

After finishing sixth in 2022-23, Jurgen Klopp's team has performed above expectations this season and now have the added motivation of winning a major trophy in his final year.  

Five matches might decide if Liverpool wins the Premier League for the first time since 2019-20.  

City face Arsenal after their only win at Anfield since May 2003. Lose here and the defending champions will lose their title favorite status.  

Liverpool drew 1-1 at the Etihad in November, and given the early scheduling and tight title battle, we wouldn't be surprised if this again resulted in a stalemate.  

Liverpool will play at Old Trafford in early April, weeks after their FA Cup quarterfinal against the same opponents in the same stadium.  

United must beat Tottenham and Aston Villa to qualify for the Champions League after another difficult season.  

Despite beating Liverpool last season and drawing the Reds 0-0 in February 2022, they lost two points that hurt Klopp's team in the title fight.  

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