Finding impact players for the Giants during the NFL Draft  

With the NFL Combine whetting fans' appetites, it's difficult not to look forward to the NFL  

Draft, which is still about two months away and the free agency period about to begin.   

Nonetheless, it's worthwhile to start thinking about the draft because, financially, free agency is a greater opportunity to strengthen some positions than others.  

Last year, before the draft, I examined the seemingly opposing draft philosophies of picking for necessity, positional value  

Finally, I pushed for a "need meets value" attitude, in which the five best players available at the time of each decision are considered first, followed by positional value. I then ran a mock draft based on that.  

How did I do? Last year, the Giants had the 25th, 57th, and 89th picks on days one and two.   

At No. 25, I took CB Deonte Banks, which was bang on the money, but the Giants felt they had to move up one slot to ensure  

Trenton Simpson of Clemson was my No. 57 pick. Remember him? Simpson was regarded as an incredible talent prior to the draft, maybe the first ILB   

However, he was not selected until selection No. 87 by Baltimore. He only played 49 snaps this season, more than half of them in the Ravens' meaningless season finale.  

He could become a great player, but he did not contribute during his rookie season. Imagine what Giants Twitter would say if he had been chosen for their team.  

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