F1 News: Following a dominant Bahrain campaign, Adrian Newey has warned of "improvements" to RB20.  

Red Bull's Adrian Newey was stunned by Max Verstappen's thrilling Bahrain win to start the Formula 1 season  

Verstappen led despite initial close competition, indicating a bright future for him and his RB20.  

Max Verstappen outpaced the field to complete a Grand Slam at Bahrain.  

The RB20's performance surprised Adrian Newey, who praised the team's effort but noted space for development.  

Newey suggests RB20 upgrades to boost Red Bull's competitiveness.  

Red Bull dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix to start the 2017 Formula 1 season.  

Max Verstappen, the Dutch racing prodigy, won pole position, led every lap, and set the fastest lap,  

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