Extreme Right Claims Sydney Sweeney Assassinated Awakening

Some conservative pundits claim that the evil of "wokeness" has finally been vanquished since a starlet's breasts killed it on live television last weekend. 

I wish I were kidding, but in the last few days, not one, but two news sites ,

have run eerie pieces alleging that actress Sydney Sweeney was actually owning the libs when she flaunted ,

her cleavage during a recent Saturday Night Live performance, rather than just doing her job and being cute. 

Canada's National Post questioned, "Are Sydney Sweeney's breasts double-D harbingers of the death of woke?" 

With less hesitancy, the Spectator of the United Kingdom wrote: "Yay! "Boobs are back!" The discussion also took place on X, 

then known as Twitter, where a well-known opponent of wokeness shared a video of Sweeney ,

with the caption, "Wokeness is dead," as if it were the most evident thing in the world that décolletage and wokeness couldn't coexist.

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