Experts recommend the best breakfasts for weight loss.  

When trying to reduce weight, you're likely to receive conflicting advice, particularly about breakfast.   

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day? Is fasting through breakfast the key to substantial weight loss  

The nutrition experts we spoke with were firmly behind Team Breakfast. A healthy breakfast fulfils your hunger and sets a pleasant tone for the day  

"A nutrient-rich breakfast helps to break your fast, which signals your metabolism to wake up and start revving," explains Michelle Routhenstein, RDN, Entirely Nourished's preventive cardiology dietician. 

So, what makes a decent breakfast for weight loss? "When aiming to lose weight, ensuring a sufficient intake of protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates, and healthy fats is crucial  

"This combination can kick-start your metabolism and offer a feeling of fullness, supporting your weight loss objectives and overall well-being."  

We spoke with a panel of registered dietitians and nutrition consultants to determine the finest expert-recommended breakfasts for weight loss.   

Here are their top suggestions for easy homemade breakfasts and ready-made solutions for hectic mornings.When you're hurrying to get ready for the day  

So we asked experts to share their favourite prepared breakfasts for weight reduction.   

These easy grab-and-go solutions can keep you on track even on the busiest mornings. 

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