Exclusive: Are MAFS 2024's Timothy and Lucinda still together?

Timothy Smith's larrikin demeanour and Lucinda Light's spiritual ways appear to be an odd couple, yet they have captured the hearts of MAFS fans all over the country.  

Lucinda has been a strong shoulder for Timothy to lean on after his father's recent death, and Timothy has been able to overcome some of his boundaries and open up to his TV wife.  

But, despite having majority of Australia rooting for them, are they still together  

Lucinda and Timothy Stans rejoice since it appears that the MAFS couple is still together!

Lucinda confirmed in a radio broadcast on March 5th that she would be spending the night with Timothy.  

"I'm about to see Tim tonight, meet him, and we're going to Melbourne Fashion Week together.   

He's a darling," she said on Hit Network's The Pulse with Seany B and Emma G.  

Emma prodded Lucinda for information regarding her relationship with Timothy, and her response was very promising.  

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