‘Eras’ Tour Could Net Taylor Swift $500 Million To $1.5 Billion

With her "Eras" tour, how much money is Taylor Swift making? Will she become a billionaire from her most recent haul?

According to the experts I spoke with in December, her 52-date concert tour has the potential to earn $620 million, with around $500 million going to her herself. 

Experts maintained their predictions from last week, but this time they predicted that she could make even more.

One analyst informed me that her take might be as high as $1.5 billion if the average ticket price is $700, since that $500 million estimate implies an average ticket price of $215.

Her total take could be substantially more if you consider potential overseas dates.

Taylor Swift is a formidable performer who is capitalizing on a trend toward live performances.

She surpasses all other recording artists in her ability to connect with her fans and write great songs that make people cry,"

said David Herlihy, a music business program coordinator and teaching professor at Northeastern University, who told me this in December of last year.

 Her charisma and beauty are contagious. Swift fans, who haven't seen her perform live since before the pandemic, are longing for her return to the stage.

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