Earnings of Every Formula One Driver in 2024  

Max Verstappen earns £40m annually, the most in Formula One.  

Lewis Hamilton follows with £40m annually in his final season with Mercedes before joining Ferrari in 2025.  

Charles Leclerc, who earns £27m, trails the top two, with Lando Norris earning £16m.  

Lights out, off we go! The 2024 Formula One season begins with pre-season testing and the first race.  

The Bahrain Grand Prix is surprising starting on Saturday, and fans are counting down the hours before racing resumes.  

Fans will be excited for F1's return, but the weeks since the 2023 season ended have been a rollercoaster ride,  

with the biggest news being Lewis Hamilton's final season with Mercedes in 2024. The Brit will replace Carlos Sainz and accompany Charles Leclerc at Ferrari in 2025.  

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