Does Taylor Swift Desire a Family? The Singer's Remarks

With Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's romance intensifying, many fans are curious ,

about the pop star's future. Some speculated that a proposal may take place at the 2024 Super Bowl, 

but Kelce and his teammates were the only ones to get rings after defeating the San Francisco 49ers. 

Naturally, fans are also speculating about whether America's dream pair will become parents for the first time, 

and Swift has had to respond to inquiries about her potential impending motherhood throughout her career. 

"Well, okay, kids, sure! Eventually in life, for sure. She said in 2010 to Us Weekly, 

I'd love to get to a place where I could do what my mom did" (via MTV). The vocalist of "Lover" went on, 

However, if I were thirty years old and still on the road, I wouldn't want a family because I couldn't manage it. However, I truly don't know what the future holds. It comes as such a surprise. Believe me."

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