Developers of Switch emulators will halt operations and pay Nintendo $2.4 million.  

Nintendo has stopped and destroyed video game pirates.   

The Mario maker sued Yuzu, a famed free Switch emulator, last week.  

Court filings show Yuzu creators agreed to shut down the website and pay Nintendo $2.4 million on Monday.  

Citra, another free and open-source 3DS emulator from the same company, will close.  

Bunnei, a key emulator contributor, wrote on Monday, “We write today to inform you that Yuzu and Yuzu's support of Citra are being discontinued, effective immediately.”  

"We started the projects in good faith, out of passion for Nintendo and its consoles and games, and did not intend to harm."  

Yuzu and Citra's developers, Tropic Haze, loved video games and created items to make Nintendo games more accessible. The court found piracy and theft  

The creators of are legally banned from developing anything similar, and Nintendo will instantly take over the website.  

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