Dead at 63: Pitchers for the Cardinals and the Pirates  

 The Associated Press reported the death of former major league pitcher José DeLeón at 63.  

 His death was reported Sunday night by the Dominican Winter League Leones del Escogido. DeLeón, not the Twins free agency pitcher from last season, pitched in the majors from 1983-95.  

 The Pirates drafted Dominican Republic native DeLeón in the third round in 1979. The 6-foot-3 right-hander pitched four minor league seasons before joining Pittsburgh.   

 He struck out 118 batters in 108 innings in 15 starts with a 2.83 ERA in his rookie season. He placed seventh in NL Rookie of the Year voting.  

 DeLeón was a Pirates rotation player for several seasons. He had a 3.74 ERA in 192 1/3 innings in his second major league season. Next season,...

 ...he had an MLB-leading 19 defeats and a 4.70 ERA. A trade with the White Sox for future MVP Bobby Bonilla midway through the 1986 season was lopsided. 

 For a year and a half, Chicago used DeLeón.  

 He did well on the South Side, but not as well as Bonilla in Pittsburgh  

 DeLeón had a 2.96 ERA in 13 starts after the 1986 trade and 4.02 in 206 frames in 1987.  

 Chicago traded DeLeón to the Cardinals for reliever Ricky Horton and rookie outfielder Lance Johnson in 1987-88. He rotated in St. Louis for five seasons.   

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